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Product Review: Quick Horn Rinse by ESW

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Quick Horn Rinse by Executive Systems West Review
Model:HLB-001 QHR for Low Brass Instruments

The Quick Horn Rinse (QHR) is an accessory that allows brass players to rinse out the inside of their horns in an efficient and not so messy fashion. The only way I used to clean my horn like many do, is by taking it in the bathtub and giving it a good soak. While that is still the recommended way to do it, the QHR allows us to do a speedy rinse off the insides to remove and to prohibit the build up of gunk that usually leaves our bathtubs looking like a science fair project gone wrong.  This particular iteration of the QHR was designed to fit the Large bore leadpipes of Trombones, Euphoniums, Baritones, and Tubas. Being a low brass performer this fits my needs perfectly. No need for a different product for Trombone and Tuba it'll fit just fine. 

Hand-written note from Bill Ricker

Hand-written note from Bill Ricker

I received the QHR in early May about 3-4 days after ordering it. Considering that it wasn't rushed order I was pleasantly surprised that it had arrived so quickly. Included with my purchase a Lefreque Sound Bridge, which I will review later as I'm still testing it out, and a small hand-written note from Bill Ricker himself. I thought it was a nice touch. 


So far my experience with the Quick Horn Rinse has been a good one. I took it for a test drive the day after I received it in the mail and tried on my Tenor Trombone and my (and by the time of this reading my former) Euphonium. The entire process was fairly quick and painless after I read through the instruction the cleaning out both horns took about 20 minutes. 

The instructions for the Quick Horn Rinse are fairly simple. 

    1. Connect the QHR to a garden hose or similar (there are adapters for shower hoses if that works for you.)
    2. Pour in a mix of dish soap and water (I believe the ratio was 1:3) through the lead pipe.
    3. Plug in your QHR to the leadpipe of the horn. Make sure it's in far enough to create a good seal. 
    4. Turn on the hose and let the water run through the instrument. (be careful not to run the water too aggressively or too hot. Things can fly off or you can damage the lacquer.)

    5. Wait till the water turns clear.
    6. Turn off the hose. 
    7. Remove the QHR
    8. Let the horn Air Dry.


    * Its a quick and easy cleaning solution.
    * Easy to set up and use
    * Can be used indoors and outdoors.
    * Compact and easy to store
    * Nozzle is versatile enough to take care of different sized bores.
    * High build quality and a thick rubber nozzle that is very resilient.



I found that the nozzle can lose its footing if the water pressure is too strong and fly off and shoot water everywhere. Not a design flaw it was more of an operator error.  But maybe there can be a system engineered to secure the QHR to the leadpipe. Understandably that opens up situations where you can damage the leadpipe etc. etc. but it's one of the very few things I can say against this product and if you aren't too trigger happy with the hose you won't encounter that issue in normal use. 

In addition to the slimmed down basic version that I have ESW also carries a Small Bore version for Trumpets and French horns, as well as a version that has an included sudser that allows you to add soap to your water stream instead of having to remove the hose and pour in more. I would have very much liked that one but did not have the foresight to order it. Their website also includes lots of reviews, tips on how to use the QHR, and other accessories that seem to be made just for us brass players. 

HLB-001 for Large Bore Brass Instruments

HLB-001 for Large Bore Brass Instruments

In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend the QHR to any one who is looking for an efficient way to clean out the inside of their horn that doesn't feel like a chore and won't take up much of your day. As a Band Director and Professional Low Brass Performer, I find this to be very helpful in keeping my horn clean during those long stretches that I give it a full bath and it's incredibly helpful in cleaning my brass instruments at the school during the summer so they don't end up looking like a biology final when my students come back in for school. No more nasty smells in August!