Con Tutta Forza


Prescribed Listening

The Prescribed Listening Playlists are a collection of Youtube videos that include incredible playing on any instrument or ensemble. It is highly recommended to watch one or a few videos on any of these playlists. Not only will it introduce you to new music and players but it might inspire your playing!


Trumpet (Coming Soon)

Horn (Coming Soon)

Euphonium and Tuba

High Brass Ensembles (Coming Soon)

Low Brass Ensembles (Coming Soon)


The Guardia Plays Series

The Guardia Plays series was designed as a resource to allow performers to play along with an exercise or an excerpt. Sometimes you might not understand a rhythm or phrasing perhaps. This resource will give you my particular interpretation in order to help guide you through the music. Sometimes we need to hear the piece as a whole to get an idea of how something small works. This is a resource that gives you the opportunity to listen while you read along.